Sensus Mobile App

Imagine that your smartphone’s sensors (e.g., motion, microphone, and camera) are monitoring you continuously for signs of illness and injury. In the future of health monitoring, this technology and encompassing AI will spot health problems before you visit the doctor—perhaps before you are even aware of them.

The result will be increased prevention, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment, and more scalable healthcare delivery. In this project, CACS worked with researchers in the School of Engineering to develop the technology to collect the data to spot symptoms of illnesses such as infectious diseases and traumatic brain injury.

We also worked on the AI theory and methods to predict individuals’ health states from their patterns of daily life as measured by their smartphones. This work has the potential to improve individual health by changing how injuries and contagious diseases are monitored in a population using non-invasive sensors such as smartphones.


Mobile app on phone in hand of student