How to Deploy Access Analytics

What is Access Analytics

Access Analytics allows continuous monitoring of sites and applications for accessibility-related data to highlight priority areas and measure risk exposure over time. This product offers collection, management, and comprehensive reporting of compliance violations and Assisted Technology usage, as well as automatic discovery and risk profiling of site pages and linked assets. Access Analytics can be deployed to a single site - or to thousands - with equal ease and seamlessly scales up to support billions of page views. The product is installed by simply placing a JavaScript resource header within a website or application. The added JavaScript code has no impact on page appearance or load time. Users can also use reports to analyze compliance of sites and applications by a variety of groupings including section, site, host, and domain.

Deploying Access Analytics


<script type="text/javascript">var access_analytics={base_url:"",instance_id:"AA-58bdcc11cee35"};(function(a,b,c){var d=a.createElement(b);a=a.getElementsByTagName(b)[0];d.src=c.base_url+"access.js?o="+c.instance_id+"&v=2";a.parentNode.insertBefore(d,a)})(document,"script",access_analytics);</script>


  1. The script must be placed on every page of the site -- barring any pages that should not be tested.
  2. On each page, in the HEAD, copy and paste the above script as close to the <HEAD> tag as possible. Note that this should be done on all pages on all domains that are to be tested.
  3. When the script has been placed on each site, please notify Level Access so we can verify that we are accepting data as expected.

Tag Manager Implementation

SSB's Analytics script is frequently deployed through a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager. SSB does not yet have specific tag manager-supported tag, so the script above must be deployed via a Custom HTML Tag. Please find example documentation for Google Tag Manager here: ( 

Next Steps

Once you have deployed the Access Analytics script, please reach out to Level Access at to let us know which domains the script has been deployed to, or with any questions you may have.  Please include the url and the domain name in your submission.

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