ITS Custom Applications and Consulting Services (CACS) delivers professional end-to-end website solutions, including database and content management (Drupal) components. Application support and hosting fees for all CACS developed applications are governed by a service level agreement.  At the beginning of the fiscal year the sponsor, functional lead and reconciler will receive an email identifying the customer contacts and billing PTAO for the annual hosting fee and work performed under the SLA.  Work performed under the SLA is billable at the standard rate of 120 dollars an hour.

Hosting Fees

Hosting fees are billed monthly to the PTAO on file.  For Web sites / content management, the hosting fee includes upgrades to the operating system, application patching, security and backups.  For Custom Application the hosting fee covers upgrades to the operating system and backups.  All changes for application patching, software upgrades and security related issues will be billed to the existing SLA at the standard rate.  Hosting fees are based on actual server costs.

CACS utilizes ITS hosted and cloud based servers as determined by your application needs.   Cloud hosting allows customers powerful, scalable, and reliable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers. A cloud hosted website may be more reliable than alternatives since other computers in the cloud can compensate when a single piece of hardware goes down. Also, local power disruptions or even natural disasters are less problematic for cloud hosted sites, as cloud hosting is decentralized.  The hosting fee amount is based on the development and production configuration for your specific application.  On average for a standard web application and database your department should budget about 2,000 a year to cover the hosting fees.

Drupal Web Sites

Tier Annual Fee

Tier 1

Basic site; low traffic.


Tier 2

More complexity, higher traffic, high number of Drupal users and/or requires consuming or producing data feeds.


Tier 3

Large site, has high traffic, and is complex in implementation



Custom Applications

Service Annual Fee

More Secure Environment

The More Secure Environment is for applications that process highly sensitive data as defined by University Policy.


Moderately sensitive or not sensitive Environment

This environment is for systems that do not process highly sensitive data as defined by University Policy.

Based on usage


Custom job to perform automated processing which is scheduled to run at regular intervals.



Customer specific.

Based on install package.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA serves as an understanding between CACS and you, the customer.  It is intended to document both your responsibilities and CACS commitments for optimal customer service.  An SLA is put in place when your application is put into production.

After your system is delivered, issues and updates will occasionally arise that require a consultant’s time and expertise to perform troubleshooting and maintenance. Examples include issues resulting from operating system updates, browser modifications, unplanned downtimes, hardware and software end of life, changes to University policy or perhaps a customer’s desire to have training for a new employee.  Consulting services due to any issue is considered billable work and will be billed to the existing SLA at the standard rate.


Salesforce utilizes Platform as a service (PaaS), a cloud computing model that delivers applications over the Internet. In a PaaS model, a cloud provider delivers hardware and software tools to its users as a service. A PaaS provider hosts the hardware and software on its own infrastructure. PaaS is included in the annual licensing fee.

Salesforce periodically releases updates that improve the performance, logic, and usability.  Updates are included in the annual licensing fee.  In the event that the updates impact any customization, the CACS Developers will manage any updates for your application at the standard rate.

Standard support for all systems is Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm excluding University holidays.

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